We all wish for a little help when it comes to loading and unloading heavy goods on our trailers. The idea of a tilt trailer having a descending and ascending ramp addresses this issue perfectly. A tilt trailer allows you to load goods easily without extra machinery, saving you time and money. This is just one of the advantages of a tilt trailer. Their versatility allows them to be used in a variety of applications.

Here at Customline Trailers, we manufacture different kinds of custom trailers. Tilt trailers are one of the most in-demand products in our collection. However, like any other machinery, it has its weaknesses too. This is why we feel it necessary to inform customers about the advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the pros and cons of tilt trailers can help you to decide if it suits your purpose.

The Advantages of a Tilt Trailer

Tilt trailers are very advantageous for quickly loading and unloading goods. Tilt trailers can give smaller businesses a nice head-start with their versatility. Some pros of tilt trailers are:

  • Help you transport heavy objects: If you are in the business of transporting heavy objects, the tilt trailer is perfect for you! Generally, when it comes to transporting heavy machinery, cranes are required. This process takes several hours and meticulous planning to execute. Whereas with a tilt trailer, you can achieve the task quicker without any complex manoeuvres.
  • Creates more deck space: Tilt trailers usually have extended ramps which translates to more deck space. A spacious deck fits more goods and arranges them optimally too. A very handy feature for the user.
  • Increases work efficiency: Buying a tilt trailer saves both time and money. Less personnel are required to load or unload goods and it takes them less time too.
  • Helps in loading and unloading: One of the greatest advantages of tilt trailers is the ease of loading and unloading heavy goods.
    • Heavy cylindrical objects are easily loaded
    • Vehicles, bikes, ATVs, etc., are simply driven onto the ramp for loading. For unloading, the process is reversed.
    • Other heavy objects without wheels are easily mounted using attachable wheels

The Cons of Tilt Trailers

Like any other product, tilt trailers have their disadvantages too. While most of these can be easily addressed with proper maintenance and servicing, users need to be familiar with the cons of tilt trailers before buying them. These include:

  • Needs a lot of maintenance: Tilt trailers require more maintenance compared to regular trailers due to their moving parts. This can be a costly affair and you need to be prepared accordingly.
  • Complex electrical system: The tilting mechanism means that these trailers have slightly complex electrical systems compared to the standard trailer. Keeping the system in good running order will increase your bills.
  • A lot of greasing: Machines like tilt trailers require a lot of lubrication for smooth functioning. The sliders are exposed to a lot of heat and pressure, requiring routine lubrication to stay in good condition.
  • A costly affair: Buying a tilt trailer is costlier than getting a standard one. The upfront costs can be prohibitive and you may need to save up before you can afford one. Even then, you will have to keep a side of your earnings for maintenance, so that is something to consider too.

You should now be familiar with the pros and cons of tilt trailers. Often, people tend to get one-tracked about a product or machinery they have had their eyes on for a long time. Proper research is fundamental before buying anything, especially trailers, as they are an investment. Customline Trailers is a leading supplier of all types of trailers, Car Carrier Trailers and tilt trailers included. We have experts who can advise you on the right trailer for any job. They also perform customisation work to ensure your trailer meets your requirements. If you wish to know more about our products and services, call us on 0488 950 598 / 03 9401 4525, or write to us at customlinetrailers@gmail.com.