Australian-Made Car Carrier Trailers for Sale in Melbourne

A car trailer is used for loading and unloading cars to transport them from one place to another. Customline Trailers provide an array of Car Carrier Trailers for Sale in Melbourne. Two main types of trailers in this category are open and closed car carrier trailers. It has built-in ramps for loading or unloading cars. The power hydraulics is used to raise and lower the ramps in your car carrier trailer. You can choose painted or hot-dip galvanized models of car carrier trailers. The brakes could be either electric or mechanized. With such options to customize, Customline Trailers is one of the established trailer manufacturers across Melbourne. The car carrier we offer is available in various sizes. An enormous range of car carrier trailers is available with Customline Trailers, which are good enough to carry various varieties and sizes of cars. Our credibility is noteworthy in and around Melbourne.

Customer satisfaction is the motto of Customline Trailers. We attain this by using high-quality raw materials and updated technology in the manufacture of premium-quality car carrier trailers. Your safety is our priority, so our trailers have great features like increased durability, optimum performance, great build, high capacity, and smooth finish.

Melbourne’s Leading Manufacturer of Car Carrier Trailer

Customline Trailers is your go-to store for supreme quality car carrier trailers. The line of services we indulge in is trailer design, manufacturer, sales, and repairs. We are known as the reputed suppliers of car carrier trailers in Melbourne for the following reasons:

  • Safety and Reliability: The safety of our car carrier trailers will meet and exceed your expectations. Irrespective of the type and size of the car you would like to transport, you can buy your preferred trailer from us. We guarantee the safety of your car along with the durability and reliability of our car carrier trailers.


  • Open car carrier trailers are the ideal type of trailer if you are looking for an economically viable option. This will have basic features.


  • If the vehicle you intend to transport is of high value, it is wiser to choose an enclosed car carrier trailer to ensure the safety and security of the car in transit from external factors such as extreme weather conditions.


  • Strength and design durability: The Car Carrier Trailer we sell can withstand the toughest climate and terrain. Hence, these car trailers we offer will serve your purpose for years to come.

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Contact Customline Trailers to get cost-effective solutions for your trailer needs and unmatched customer service from the best supplier of car trailers in Melbourne. Call us on 0488 950 598 or 03 9401 4525 to buy Car Carrier Trailers without spending a fortune. We will help you to choose the right kind of trailer according to your trailer requirements. Mail us at to get your free, no-obligation quote at the earliest!